Not Gone but Forgotten

These Clubs are Here to Stay


Last year’s CyberPatriots team being honored at a banquet.

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

Medina Valley has many clubs that we know of and many that we did not know about at all. Some of these lesser known clubs include chess and cyber patriots.

“[I was the] only one that showed up [to the meeting],” sophomore Glenn Machen said. Last Wednesday was the first chess meeting of the year. The meeting took place during collaborative and Machen was the only one there.

 “There was another guy but he was there for tutoring,” Machen said.  He spent the collaborative period playing chess with Mr. Brown.  

“It would be nice to beat someone else,” Machen said . Machen is trying to spread the word by telling more people about the chess team. He has not yet resorted to posters, thinking that the posters will get “torn down.” 

The cyber patriots team has an open and ROTC team.There are different groups within the club that focus on different parts of the computer like Windows, Linux and Cisco. Practices are from 4:15-6:00 in Mrs. Webb’s room on Mondays and Thursdays. 

“Society (is) progressing with technology,” junior Sophia Hernandez said. Sophia has been on the open team for a little over a year now. 

Hernadez joined to learn more about how computers work in this era of fast changing technology. She would like more people to join since there are only 5 to 7 open team members currently. 

“Nerds rise up,” Hernandez said. Many people may not join because it’s a “nerd club”. 

 Hernandez is trying to gain more people, a lot of people do not know that Cyber patriots is an option. Although a part of the ROTC team, most do not know it’s offered to people not in ROTC. Sophia and the team have been trying to make announcements on the intercom and have been making posters, to get the word out for more people to join. 

Some clubs have had to end due to people not joining. Clubs are a very important aspect of high school life. 

Take it from Mr. Brown “ [it doesn’t] matter who you were, it’s open to anybody.”  If you are a jock or a band nerd or a loner or whatever, it does not matter; clubs are about bringing everyone together. Many friendships grow with clubs too. 

So if you do not think that a friend is in a club you are interested in, that is okay! Make some, invite some and keep the clubs going.