Calculating the Impact

Mrs.Clary Wins Kens5 News Excel Teacher of the Year Award


Mrs.Clary poses for a picture with her Congratulatory balloons and popcorn. Picture Credit: Admin

Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

Pamela Clary’s strive for excellence did not fall short this year as she was named the Excel Teacher of the Year. “Teacher of the Year” is run through Kens5 News but teachers also vote on who should win for the high school.  Mrs. Clary has always loved learning and when she saw the ability to share that love, she started teaching. 


After teaching for 15 years, Clary took a break to raise her family and enjoy the good things in life. Twenty years later, she was back in the classroom and has been here at Medina Valley for four years now.  Her inspiration reaches years after students leave her class.


“ She was helpful and always made sure we understood what was happening,” senior Madalynn Sanchez said. “And I remember the inspirational quotes she had on the board.” 


Clary hopes that when kids walk out of her classroom they walk out, not only with the ability to multiply and divide fractions, but to also be more responsible. That is one of the exact reasons she started teaching.

 “ I think young people were headed the wrong way and I wanted to help make these kids more responsible,” Ms. Clary said. 


Not only do students learn from Mrs.Clary, but admin and her fellow math department coworkers agree that in her short years at Medina Valley she has taught them far more than a math book can. Principal Tanner Lange and math teacher Megan Perry both agree that Clary’s work ethic is not only notable but admirable.


Teaching is not easy, but Clary says her friends have her back.

 “ My encouraging family, inspirational friends, and anytime I have a question or need help I can go to my fellow department members,” Clary said. 

Her support system is what gets her through the difficult times. 


“Mrs. Clary is leaving a legacy of excellence among her students that will transcend generations,” Lange said.

 Medina Valley is packed to the brim with teachers who truly love their jobs, but Clary’s dedication not only to what she teaches but also how it impacts her students, is exactly why she deserves this year’s award.