Ukraine? No, Mykrain

Meet Vlad, the foreign exchange student!


PC: Mackenzie Noakes

Vladyslav Holovkov smiles for the camera.

Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

Hailing all the way from Ukraine, meet junior Vladyslav Holovkov, or Vlad for short. Vlad is from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv or Kiev.The Gross family is hosting him here in the United States. Back in Ukraine, Holovkov exercised regularly and participated in fencing.
“In Ukraine, everything is smaller than here in America,” Holovkov said.
Holovkov currently participates in two extra curricular activities. He participates in debate and in football. Other than those two things, he does not do much in his free time, not yet at least. When Holovkov moved, he had some familiarity with American culture, so he did not get a culture shock.
“America is very different from Ukraine,” Holvkov said. “I can’t yet say if it is a good different or bad different.”.
Vlad has not been here for very long, so when you see him in the hallways, do not hesitate to say “hi” and introduce yourself!