Founder’s Day Celebrations!

Castroville Celebrates 175 years with friends and fun in September Square!


The theatre students perfoprm and pose for pictures. PC: Mrs. Kerr

Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer


MVHS Theatre and Dance students participated in Castroville’s Founders Day. The Theatre students participated in a skit and puppet show to review Castroville’s history while the dance students showcased different dances. The day was also filled with many merchandise booths and a 5K for all to participate in. 


The theatre students performed a skit illustrating the hardships the town’s founder, Henri Castro, faced settling the land that has since become our home.


“It was stressful but fun because we got to see all of our hard work payoff in the end,” said Student Director,12,  Skyler Blackburne.


 The founders play was performed by the advanced theatre students from Medina Valley Highschool. 


Theatre Students – Mackenzie Noakes,Trinity Duncan, Jackson Bitters, Gregory Youngblood, Paige Gantzler, Kassandra Martinez, Skylar Balkbourne, Katharine Rodriguez

Dance Students – Leah Larkin, Iliana Mauricio, Jordan Schott, Isabeau Shoenfeld, Savannah Lopez, Lilia Martinez Patino, Hailie Lara, Jadyn Evans, Tristyn Hollander, Angelina Garcia, Jenesisi McDavitt, Zelah Santillan, Amrie Obregon, Abigail Parkhurst, Brittany Woodford