Bienvenido Paco

First time in America


PC: Marina Garcia

Paco standing with MV pride

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

Sophomore Paco Ruiz is from Barcelona, Spain. This is his first time in America and his host families’ first time housing exchange students. Shannon and Patricia Trovino are hosting Paco as well as Sophomore Nick Webber, another exchange student from Germany.
“It was like wow in a good way,” Ruiz said. “ One state in the United States in my whole country.” Referring to size, Paco notices the differences in culture, climate, and food in the United States.
Diversity in America is different from Spain with how people dress.With so many styles and personalities in America, “everyone dresses the same [in Spain],” Ruiz said
And lastly, the food. Paco misses the real fresh food and “the fresh loaves of bread” [from the bakery].
It is not hard to expect him to miss the food considering that he has not only lived in Europe, but also visited many countries, such as France, Italy, Switzerland and many more.
The schools in Spain and America are very different. “We stay in class and the teachers walk class to class.”
Paco will be staying for the whole school year. Although Texas was not his first choice, he plans on having a lot of school spirit.
“It’s in the movies and then come here and it’s the same,” Ruiz said referring to the cheerleaders, football, and the Friday night fever.
Paco has only been to Chick-fil-A, Fiesta Texas, and La Cantera, but he hopes to visit more places and learn more about high school and America.