A new building in the works and Agriculture relocation


PC: Dominick Peralta Construction of the new 400 wing!

Dominick Peralta, Staff Writer

With the start of the new school year, students are pouring into their new schedules and new routines, as well as the different changes going on within the campus. Received with mixed reviews, the major changes that have been happening are the current ongoing construction and the relocation of the agriculture rooms. 


“It doesn’t affect me personally but it does make my students late,” World History teacher Dustin Hurley said. “It’s loud and distracts my students sometimes”.              


The construction of the new building has been met with mixed feedback. The construction closes off some of the pathway between the bus pad sidewalk and the school, making students go around in order to get to classes like theater or the bus pad. The final product of all of this construction will be a new building for the school, which will hopefully be completed towards the end of this school year.


Another new change to our campus was the relocation of the agriculture classes. Now placed closer to the animals behind the PAC, it is much closer to the animals compared to where it stood last year.


“I prefer where the portables are now, it’s closer to the animals making it more convenient, but it takes awhile to get there,” Junior Haileigh Bricker said. “We need more sidewalks.”


 These are all changes that we can get accustomed to while we progress further into our school year.