2019: A Year of New Opportunities

A Warm Welcome to Our New Administrators


Janelle De Jesus, Staff Writer

This year at Medina Valley High School we have three new administrators. Kathryn Nevarez, Amanda Monteiro, and Vangela Churchill are now assuming the position of vice principals. 

Mrs. Monteiro, formally known as Coach Cone, feels ready to be a vice principal. Her high school principal always told her that he believed she would be a wonderful teacher. She eventually followed his advice and went into the education field, and now is ready to step up into the position. 

“Dodgeball. Man I love dodgeball.” Mrs. Monteiro stated.She is looking forward to the annual dodgeball tournament in the Spring. You will surely see her rooting on the sidelines.

Mrs. Churchill is new to the MV district. She was previously an administrator at Pearsall ISD and an educator for 17 years at La Joya ISD. In case you did not know, she also happens to be bilingual and has spoken Spanish since she was 17.

“I believe that all students can learn regardless of their background,” Mrs. Churchill said. “Their only limit is themselves.”

Before coming to MVISD, Mrs. Nevarez previously worked at Nueces Canyon CISD for 14 years. She was in the math department, and the reason she was such a successful teacher was because of her ability to connect with students. She did not stop until everyone could do it.

“All kids can learn, it is up to us to determine the level and provide them with proper education,” Mrs. Nevarez stated. “Sometimes you have to be willing to put yourself in their shoes, this is how we will have successful kids.” 

Medina Valley welcomes our new administrators and cannot wait to have a successful year with them. It is a great day to be a panther!