Rushing into a New Season

UIL is set to begin another season with Rush


PC: Caitlin Schmidt

Prospective UIL competitors rushing in last year, 2018.

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

With determined intent on continuing decades of success, Medina Valley is ready and eager to welcome another UIL season. Rush Party, the annual event where new members are able to choose what they will compete in and veterans are pulled back to the fray, will mark the beginning of a whirlwind adventure on September 25.

“UIL is a collection of a lot of different events we get to compete in as a school,” UIL coordinator David Perritano said. “There is a little something for everyone–acting, debate, literature, and so on.”

During Collaborative on Wednesday, September 25, the MVHS library will be brimming with opportunity. Tables upon tables of UIL events, along with their coaches, will be recruiting students for the competitions ahead. This open invitation for all interested in UIL will hold the promise of endless event options and an interesting year to look forward to.

“I remember feeling overwhelmed during my first Rush,” sophomore Kira Smith said. “I did not know what to choose; I wanted to join them all.”

After Rush, once veterans and newcomers alike have chosen their events for the year, Super Conference is the next step forward. On Saturday, October 26, UIL students will have the chance to travel together to UT Austin to listen to lectures pertaining to their events, and enjoy a day of scenery and fun.

“I liked the Super Conference last year,” sophomore Georgette Ruiz said. “ It provided helpful tips and really good insight on my events.”

UIL competitions and the initial preparations will arrive sooner than we think. Competitors of some events have already begun studying for the once a month competitions that begin in November. Anticipation also lies with the great times UIL students are bound to have on the Saturdays of competition they get to spend with friends.

“The best part of UIL is meeting new people from other schools and hanging out with friends,” junior Leonardo Amaya said. “The hands-on of Computer Science, my event, is what I’m also looking forward to.”

Improving performance and going into the higher levels of competition are the goals of many UIL competitors. For newcomers and freshmen, the year ahead provides room to grow and time to discover their interests. 

“In high school UIL, I would like to expand into different events,” freshman Ryan Quirez said. “I also want to make it to State.”

Last year, Medina Valley High School took second in District. This year, it plans to be Champions. UIL aims high for success and works hard to achieve it. With fury in the eyes of competitors and vigor behind their skill, UIL is ready for a great year.