The Colors of Spring


PC: MVHS Color Guard

Color Guard together, sporting Spring colors and flowers.

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

Marking the end of their busy year, Medina Valley Color Guard hosted their fourth annual Spring Show on Saturday, May 18. As their last performance of the year, members took the opportunity to showcase their developed skills as well as relish in the wonderful yet fleeting moments they have together. 


“I was really nervous, but excited for the show,” freshman Lucille Villarreal said. “Seeing people smile because of our show and having them know the work we’re putting in gave such an adrenaline rush.”


Anticipation for the Spring Show began four weeks prior. Focus and constant effort were put into practices in class, after school, and during free time as members were tasked with learning two director pieces along with personal performances. 


“Practices were always fun and light,” sophomore Andrea Mata said. “[My duet partner, Camron Batot, and I] went to the park to choreograph and practiced about every day.”


The day of the event, the color guard arrived early and ran through parts of their show several times. Preparation was considered key as these students were about to perform in front of a crowd of family and friends. 


“I went to the Spring Show because I’m super excited to join color guard next year and I wanted to see my friends’ performances,” freshman Chloe Strangmeir said. “The students were able to choreograph and show their individuality.”


The Spring Show consisted of multiple solos, duets, and group pieces, prepared entirely by students. The show notably included a senior piece, a special performance with a mash-up of five past competition songs and costumes from the seniors’ first years in color guard. 


“I was really looking forward to wearing my old costume,” senior Frankie Rivera said. “It was very emotional and, overall, something great to look back on.”


How can a whole year be fit into one show? Color guard, with each members’ performance, presented all that they have accomplished and learned in this past year through strong purpose and resolve.


“I did a solo for the Spring Show,” sophomore Grace Ann Dailey said. “Doing a solo forced me to use my own creativity and helped me grow.”


With an expected total of 45 members next year, Color Guard is excited for what is ahead however, sad about what it is leaving behind. Color Guard has experienced a year of trials, both trying and rewarding. The spring show, a success in many ways, has provided members a day as memorable as their year.