Movie of the decade review, will contain spoilers!


Salexis Zertuche, Writer

Words can not even meet up to the intensity of this movie. To dissect this 3-hour phenomenon piece by piece would take forever. There were layers and layers of amazing details and easter eggs squeezed into this one film, but Marvel fans are no quitters.  

End Game is no doubt the topic of nearly everyone’s conversations right now, with 20 movies leading up to it, the tension and expectations were high. Making 1.2 billion dollars around the globe, End Game quickly became the highest grossing movie of all time. No one knew what was in store and had the shock of their lives walking into the theatres. It was an amazing feeling for most, jumping back into a story that was cut off right in the middle.

The film opened with Clint Barton outside with his family, everyone knew what was coming and watched as the ones he loved most turned to dust. After that heartbreaking moment the scene changes to space, where Tony trapped with Nebula the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship, trying to repair the damaged parts of it in order to get back home after the fight on Titan. No scene is short of importance and meaning, with the one of Nebula and Tony passing time being one of them. We see the unlikely friendship that has bloomed between them as they play paper football. Each one of them shows hidden parts of their personality that are essential to the character but also rare and not as obvious as other traits.

After this scene the attention goes back to the shattered team back on earth, mourning the losses of their friends. Just like that everyone was sucked back into the MCU, remembering what the team was now fighting for, not daring to blink for even a second as they waited for their next move.

The first few minutes played out a lot different than what most had anticipated. After coming up with a quick plan, they travel to space and swiftly kill Thanos after finding out he destroyed the infinity stones. The theatre was absolutely silent a few seconds after this scene as people tried to wrap their heads around what was going to happen next. Marvel was again using their unpredictability to capture the complete attention of the crowd.

‘5 years later’ flashes across the screen, and the entire world is portrayed as a planet of lost hope. The main point of this part of the movie was being able to see how people have come to terms with the loss of half of the world. While it was a tragic event, some were hardly affected and have built a new life around broken homes. One of these characters was the iconic Tony Stark, who was able to come home from space to his future wife, Pepper Potts and with the two still alive, they build a new home with their daughter Morgan.

The rest of the Avengers have stuck together, and refuse to believe that there is no hope for the dead, they have looked into everything trying to think of a way to bring them back. It seems all hope is lost until Scott Lang escapes from the quantum realm. Scared and confused he rushes around trying to fit the pieces together of what his new reality is. After he ensures the well being of his now teenage daughter, he rushes to the Avenger’s headquarters to share his new idea: his new idea of time travel through the quantum realm.

After proving that time works differently in the quantum realm, the team has a new spark of hope. They scatter to get everyone back together to act upon their new plan, but the main person that they need is not being persuaded so easily. Without the brains of Tony Stark, time travel is impossible, and Tony knows this. After weighing what it would mean to bring everyone back, he decides just to try and see if he could figure out a way that time travel would be possible.

To make a long story short, the team finally has a way to get the stones and possibly reverse the damage done on the universe. Multiple fun and action-packed scenes take place back in time, stealing screen time from some of the old movies. Past and future collide, and everything is going well until Thanos finds out about their plan, then the real race is on.

As the climax shifts, some of the best scenes of Marvel history take place. If you were in the theatre on opening night you no doubt struggled to hear parts of the dialogue through all the clapping. Multiple parts caused moviegoers to lose their minds, shouting and gasping at some iconic moments that have been anticipated for years.

Multiple memorable moments happened in those 3 hours. An instant crowd pleaser was when Captain Marvel appeared with her iconic hair cut from the comics. We got to witness our heroes coming face to face with their past selves and people that they have lost. Steve Rogers had a rare moment to see his lifelong love, Peggy Carter; even if it was for only a minute the encounter shaped his future. Tony Stark was stunned to see his father, young and busy, on the base where the Tesseract was being held.

Marvel was even nice enough to even throw in some new characters, such as Ronin, the secret identity adopted by Clint Barton to bring justice to those who were considered unworthy to survive the snap. Another exciting appearance was made by none other but Mrs. Pepper Stark, in a female iron suit. She fought back to back with Iron Man as the hero known as Rescue in the comics. Toward the end of the movie, a young boy’s appearance succeeded at stumping many of the fans, at least for a while. As the camera panned down the crowd of those who attended Tony’s funeral, it paused over a teenage boy standing alone in the back.  The mystery character was the young boy, Harley, from Iron Man 3, there to pay his respects to the fallen hero.

There were many easter eggs and exciting cameos, but of course one stood out. For a few seconds, we saw the man behind it all appear on screen, in his said to be the last cameo. This short scene touched the hearts of many.

Overall the movie evoked all the emotions possible out of the audience. Many left the theatre either speechless or rambling with no intent to stop. Those who went to go see it may even consider the experience as being a part of history. The end of something as magical as the Avengers should never be considered as anything less.