Passed the Review

JROTC hosts its Pass in Review with nearly the whole school in attendance


PC: Caitlin Schmidt

JROTC marching in step of one another during their 2019 Pass in Review

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

For the first time on Wednesday, May 1, Medina Valley’s JROTC hosted their annual Pass in Review with an audience of hundreds. Students from all high school grades were invited to witness how far JROTC has come and the exciting new changes happening to the beloved program.

“With more people watching, we showed what ROTC is capable of doing and what it has to offer,” sophomore Leonardo Amaya said. “We’ve shown parents and now students how much we’ve done this year.”

In the weeks leading up to the Pass in Review, JROTC conducted several practices after school along with a full day out-of-class on Tuesday, April 30. The practices were spent drilling, memorizing the steps, and adjusting to the football field, the new site for the event.

“We made sure to work together,” freshman Hali Balson said. “Visualizing all our past accomplishments motivated us to do well.”

One memorable highlight from the event was the passing of command from the 2018-19 Commander, senior Hailey Perron, to junior Agatha Martinez. Adopting Perron’s duties and responsibilities, Martinez will be JROTC’s Corps Commander for the approaching 2019-2020 school year.

“I was told I was going to be Commander the day before Pass in Review,” Martinez said.“I will be running the corps, helping, teaching, and advising JROTC members.”

Shortly after passing on her command to Martinez, Perron was gifted with a heartwarming surprise by junior Sinead Williams and senior Erin Brinson. A poster and basket of candy were given to Perron as a thank you for the great year had she provided as Commander. This shock ultimately led to tears of joy and long hugs shared between the girls.

“We were supposed to dismiss after I passed command, but Colonel told me to walk back up to Agatha,” Perron said. “ When I turned back around, I saw my deputy and adjutant with the poster and basket…I cried.”

Showcasing JROTC’s growing numbers was one large reason Pass in Review was opened to all students. This year, the program brought in over 160 cadets.

“It’s been incredible,” senior Kayla Tolbert said. “ Eight years ago, we had 60 cadets; when I was a freshman, we had 100 and now we’re pushing 200.”

However, though JROTC is an expanding program, every year it is forced to say goodbye to its hardworking and dedicated seniors. This year’s Pass in Review honored and thanked 28 seniors for all that they have done during their time in JROTC.

“For a senior, it felt like going out with a bang,” Brinson said. “We are leaving JROTC better than we found it, leaving it with our legacy.”

For the seniors that are now turning over a new chapter and the cadets growing into their confident, respectful and disciplined selves, JROTC has been there as a guide. Pass in Review was a celebration of members’ success as well as the fellowship and strong family bond established within the compound walls. Congratulations to all JROTC members for another remarkable year and the future that promises greatness.