Never Soft on the Competition

MV Softball recollects on how this season came to be


Varsity softball proudly standing together after another memorable win.

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer


With an overwhelming amount of wins from both JV and Varsity teams, it seems the best word to describe this year’s softball season is victorious. The success of MV softball, though mainly defined by the teams’ powerful plays and sweeping scores, was not only comprised of game days and celebrations but also of challenges and lasting friendships.

“This year we tried to maintain our strengths and improve on our weaknesses,” softball coach Arlynda Buentello said. “We took advantage of every day and focused on the little things, the fundamentals, to form a good foundation.”

Junior Tristan Benke in pure focus at Playoffs.

Behind each winning game, there were several practices. To condition and better players’ performance overall, softball met almost every day of the week.

To even further enhance their abilities, softball girls often spent their free time on the things they struggled with.

“I focused most on fielding,” sophomore Sarah Moreno said. “Practices weren’t hard, but definitely not easy; you had to be willing to put the work in.”

Another key element to softball’s remarkable season was its unity. How players came together at every game to execute a play and ultimately reach victory is something cherished by many of the girls.

Freshman Haedyn Renslow playing catcher for JV Black.

“Everyone was there for each other this season,” freshman Lauren Hendrickson said. “I will always remember pitching for JV Orange because the girls had my back.”

From stress and multiple injuries to the tedious cleaning of white pants and the pain of loose buttons, softball faced, in many ways, a demanding season. In order to maintain health and focus, some players tried to keep a balance between their athletic and academic, as well as personal lives.

Senior Ashley DeCock swinging into Playoffs.

“This season, I focused on having fun and didn’t put as much pressure on myself as I did last year,” sophomore Jasmine Salazar said. “I think the best part about softball is the games and the environment you’re put in.”

Along with practice and persistence, softball thanks time for its success. Players today produce consecutive wins through use of their several years worth of experience–dugout cheers, expensive bats, and large bruises–as well as a long- established unwavering dedication to the sport that they love.

“I have been playing since T-ball age,” sophomore Trista Miller said. “Younger athletes should start working and practicing a little every day because softball is definitely an experienced sport.”

Senior Sabrina Tschirhart pitching for JV Black.

JV Black has ended this season undefeated, JV Orange with a 10-8 record, and Varsity by continuing on to Playoffs as Co-District Champions. However, the numbers that determined game-day victory and the numbers on the back of their jerseys weren’t the only things softball was counting. It was the number of smiles, laugh-till-you-cry moments, and group hugs that made this season what it is–remarkably victorious.