April Showers Bring May Flowers

2019 a nonstop cycle of sunny days, cold showers.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Derrick Moreno, Staff Writer

It seems April has been nothing but rain that just simply is not going to go away. As of right now, the rain is here to stay.

As for student life, the rain is just another obstacle we turn into an optimistic opportunity. Some students have taken the time to be productive and get things around the house done others relax to the sound of mother nature running its course.

There are, however, breaks in the weather and people have learned to take an opportunity while they can. Even when they can not catch the nice breaks, they tend to still make the most of it.   

“I think we need more rain. It keeps the weather cool and [doesn’t] let the hot days come through,” senior Raegan Flennigan said. With usual spring temperatures, we do notice a rise in temperature.

“It makes for a great time to get my homework done,” senior Raegan Flennigan said.

Which can be very unpleasing to most who are not too fond of the mid-80s and sunshine. Although there are some very negative feelings towards the weather some people find very unforgiving.

For instance, when it makes a big muddy mess in the football parking lot and students can’t control themselves. They make the biggest mud holes when they run their trucks through to look cool.

Not only is it the actual mud but some students cannot stand what south Texas always has: humidity, the sticky and groggy feeling that haunts people for ages.

“ The humidity is absolutely horrible, it makes my hair look stupid and I always feel gross,” senior Bryanna Rodriguez said.

With all this rain it definitely brings the oppositions out of people on how they feel. Nonetheless, the rainy season is almost over as we go into may and a sunny summer awaits.v