Water Clogged

Several ways to get water out of your ears.


Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

Have you ever gotten water stuck in your ear? It’s a very common occurrence. Getting water in your ears can become quite a nuisance. Thankfully, there are some effective ways to get it out!

“I usually just tilt my head and shake. I really haven’t found a super effective way to get the water out,” junior Tristyn Hollander said.

Well, fear not, for I have come with answers! One way is that you can “wiggle” it out. By grabbing your ear lobe and pulling down as you tilt your head. The water should come right out.The second method is the “Cupping Method”. What you do is cup your ear with your hand, then rapidly flatten your hand to create a suction on the ear. If you do it right, you should easily get the water out. The third method is via blow dryer. Just turn your blow dryer to the lowest setting, and shake your head gently back and forth.

“I always get water in my ear anytime I swim. It starts to get really annoying if I’m being honest,” sophomore Victoria Parkhurst said.

Now the fourth method. This is if the water may be contaminated and in a large amount. All you have to do is mix white vinegar alcohol into an eyedropper. Then just tilt your head and squeeze 3 to 5 drops into the ear and wait. The fifth is use Swimmer ear drops. It’s usually made up of alcohol and other things and is designed to evaporate the water in your ear. The final method is, of course, the last resort. If after a week you still have water in your ears, then please see a doctor.