Above the Call of Duty

Staff Sgt. stops suicide bomber and is awarded medal of honor

Staff Sgt. Atkins with his parents

Staff Sgt. Atkins with his parents

Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

On March 27, President Donald Trump awarded Army Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins the congressional medal of honor. Atkins was 31 years old and was from Bozeman, Montana. Travis was part of the 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, N.Y. He was on his second tour and oversaw 15 other soldiers.

“Regardless of rank, if the person in question meet the requirements for the congressional medal of honor, then they deserve it.” Mrs. Gilmore said.

Staff Sgt. Atkins blocked the blast of a suicide bomber in June of 2007 while trying to subdue him. Atkins saved the lives of three other men. His sacrifice was in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“It takes a very brave person to do such a selfless act like that.” Mrs. Mack said.

Staff Sergeant Atkins was honored with the highest medal someone can be honored in the USA with for battlefield valor. The medal was given to Atkins’s son and other family members at the white house by President Donald Trump.