It’s promposal season– people in Medina Valley get ready for smart and creative works of art.

Derrick Moreno, Staff Writer

With prom just a month away, people are bringing out their most creative projects for the epic promposals. There has been everything from sweet desserts to pretty posters and even witty remarks.  

On the sweeter side of life, Gustav Nikolaisen got to enjoy a new experience in his American journey. He came up with a great idea of using a delicious treat for his promposal for Alyssa Thoele.

With the help of his host mom, they created custom cupcakes to spell out “prom?”. After that, Gustav had his friends bring Alyssa into the Panther Dome where he waited to ask the question.

“I knew she would say yes but I was still very nervous. Only because this is a new thing for me to experience,” junior Gustav Nikolaisen said. Finally, cupcakes out, he popped the question and they celebrated with a sweet snack after she said yes.  

Some people took a different approach when it came to asking someone to prom. In a way of being not so sweet but, took a very clever take on this tradition, junior Garrison Garza asked Alee Schott.

“You don’t need an X-Ray to see us at prom,” was written on the poster Garrison made for Alee. The reason for the X-Ray was that Alee had recently broken her collarbone. However, there were no hard feelings and with a nice “yes” the two are on their way to prom.

There are many more promposals to happen with only a month away from prom. This is only the beginning to great memories.