Powerlifting for the State Win!

Medina Valley powerlifters end their season with a great final lift


Freshman Joshua Bazan, juniors Fabian Bazan and Spencer Payne, and seniors Issac Moreno and Josh Valenzuela together, standing tall, before heading to State.

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

Fresh from state competition, powerlifters have found a perfect way to close off a truly inspiring season. All lifters’ constant growth and achievement have deemed the past few months a great success.

“All the credit goes to our kids,” powerlifting coach Joseph Alvarado said. “Their hard work has paid off. Anytime, you have three state qualifiers and one of those qualifiers is a State Champion, the kids have been successful.”

In this season, powerlifting won five of the seven meets they had competed in and had the honor of taking three boys to the state competition. These lifters, with pride and celebration, have come back with remarkable results.

The Medina Valley state competitors, their weight class, and placing are as followed:

Junior Fabian Bazan- 132 Wt. Class. – State Champion

Junior Spencer Payne – 242 Wt. Class – 9th place

Senior Isaac Moreno – 114 Wt. Class – 17th place


State was a memorable experience for each of the boys. If asked what they remember most about competing, Moreno and Payne are sure to mention witnessing Bazan win State Champion, and the unexpected haircut he had to go through in order to make his weight class.

“Right before competing, I was like half a pound above weight,” Bazan said, “I tried everything; I ran, I spit, but nothing worked. So, I grabbed a pair of scissors and just started cutting.”  

Powerlifting has brought opportunities for many of its athletes. For Payne, it was the chance to be successful and be a part of a good team. For Bazan, it was redemption for his state disqualification last year–going from “basically last place to first,” and, for Moreno, it was finding the best sport for him.

“I have always been too small for sports like football, so I wanted to do something I could make a difference in,” Moreno said. “This was my first year in powerlifting; it was a way to introduce me to new sports and another way to have fun.”

What has been achieved this year was the product of all lifters’ continuous practice and hard work. Powerlifters were focused on maintaining their weight, getting stronger, and mentally preparing themselves for each competition.

“Practices are a harsh environment–loud music and yelling, but fun,” Payne said. “For the past year, I’ve worked out every single day.”

The powerlifting season has ended, but many know that next year will be approaching fast. Goals have been set as lifters begin to take what they have learned in the past months–confidence, patience, and dedication–and already apply it to the anticipated 2020 season.

“I want all our lifters to experience growth as a person and athlete,” Alvarado said. “I want them to compete to the best of their ability. If they can do that, everything else will take care of itself.”

With all that has been accomplished this season, powerlifters have made their coaches, parents, and all of Medina Valley proud. A great thank you to every lifter for your persistence and leadership through the most challenging of times and a huge congratulations for all your triumphs.