Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

small things you can find in the Disney parks

By: Kadence Griffin

In less than two months, you will be on your way to summer trips. Some of you may go and see your family, stay home, or go to an amusement park. If you are going to Disneyland, Disneyworld Magic Kingdom, or California Adventure there are little things that you can easily miss.

At Disneyland, there are some hidden things you can find. In ToonTown anything you can push, pull, or pick up gives you a funny surprise. Even though the signs say “Don’t pull”, “Don’t push”, or “Don’t pick up”, they really want you to do it. Near the back of ToonTown is the Power House. On the door it reads, “Opening this door is absolutely, positively, unquestionably forbidden. Unless you really want to.” Opening this door sends off flashing lights and a power saw sound. It would be funny to have someone who has no idea what it does pull it.

If you go to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, on one side is Snow White’s Grotto. It is a beautiful sight to see. If you have been lucky enough to see it when it is working, you know how beautiful it really is. With all of the Seven Dwarfs, some of the animals, and Snow White herself and the water going off and the song “Wishing Well” playing, it is peaceful. There is also (of course) a wishing well that, if you listen closely to when the grotto is going off, the well echos the song like in the movie.

In the Red Rose Tavern, there are four characters from the 2017 Beauty and the Beast. Mrs. Potts and Chip are on a shelf with other plates and cups, at the entrance Lumiere is above one of the windows with his candlestick friends, and on a displaced ledge there is a collection of clocks and that is where Cogsworth sits. They all have a frame behind them so you can tell them apart.

At Disneyworld Magic Kingdom you can find hidden figures as well. In the Magic Kingdom, at the Be Our Guest restaurant, the cherubs painted on the ceiling are the Disney Imagineers’ children. At Hollywood Studios the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride has a lot of hidden mysteries. One of them is that you will get one of four different rides. The ride’s random drop sequence means your experience could be different every time.

At California Adventure, there are many different hidden characters. In the Monster Inc. ride, Nemo is hidden behind the Harry Hausen’s Sushi Chef. In Radiator Springs, at the Cozy Cone Motel, inside the office, you can see Buzz, Ham, and Rex hiding in the cones. This is a reference to the Toy Story movie franchise. At the Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, towards the end of the scene where Sebastian is trying to convince Ariel that “life is the bubbles under the sea,” if you look on the right-hand side by the rocks in the background you will see a very familiar fish! The only catch is that he is not a Disney character! It is none other than Mr. Limpet. The man who worked on Mr. Limpet also worked on a lot of the other Disney films.

So make sure that if you do go to these parks, you keep your eyes open. Who knows, you might find some new hidden characters