Meet You At The Track

Medina Valley welcomes in this year’s track season


PC: Serena

Freshmen Mathew Fleming, Jett Winkler, and junior Jose Garcia leading the way through the one mile race.

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

Long awaited by both athletes and fans, track season has arrived; and with it, a great surge of track meets. Always bringing together Medina Valley students, parents, and staff, these meets include many experiences meant to be shared.

“I have been looking forward to track season since the beginning of the year,” sophomore Essence Cummings said. “I think the meets are just so exciting.”

For athletes, these meets bring opportunities. The chance to set personal records, improve with time, and ultimately create lasting memories are what seem to continuously contribute to the anticipation of each meet.

“Simply, we want to get faster and stronger,” coach James Bermea said. “Track is what I would consider a true grit sport–it tells the story and never lies.”

As of now, MV track has competed in four successful meets. All would not have been possible without the rigor of daily practice, the patience of coaches, and the constant initiative athletes take to prepare themselves individually.

“I don’t eat junk food the week of a track meet, only drink water and milk, and make sure to stretch before I run,” freshman Matthew Fleming said. “Mentally, I prepare by telling myself ‘It’s only four laps–four is a small number.’”

With track being only a few weeks in, many are in the long process of reaching their goals. The desired achievements shared by many members include advancing past district and finishing this year and season off strong by soon-to-be graduating seniors.

“This is my last year, but I’m planning on running in college,” senior Logan Masters said. “I need to get faster in order to get a scholarship.”

With the incorporation of different sports events for every liking, the easy access to concessions, and the moments that have you jumping to your feet, a track meet is known to be a time for the masses. At each meet, fans enjoy gathering with friends to watch their favorite events, played by their favorite athletes.

“I believe the best part of track meets is experiencing them with my friends and others from different schools,” sophomore Lexie Martinez said. “It’s great meeting new people with similar interests.”

Track meets are infamously known to last several hours into the night and, evident in recent times, to occur in harsh weather. Despite these obstacles, fans still come to support and root for those competing and even sometimes stay for the full duration of the meet.

“I suggest that fans consider how long and cold the track meet is going to be,” senior Makayla Carol said. “Really, you should be ready to be hyped and encourage everyone running and jumping.”

The many aspects of a track meet are what create such an active and memorable time. All that is to be said to track members is good luck on what’s ahead and thank you for the many remarkable moments you’ll provide.