Isn’t it Romantic?

A romantic comedy about falling in love with yourself


Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer

Whether we care to admit it or not, we have all seen and been wowed by some sort of rom-com. From the classics like 13 Going on 30 and Love, Actually to the more modern To All the Boys I Loved Before and Set It Up, the rom-com has definitely changed the face of film.


Though many praise the idea of a easy, fun love story, many have picked out the flaws. The unrealistic way we perceive love, the lack of serious approaches to serious issues just to name a few. The romantic comedy industry has taken these comments to heart.


The newest rom-com, Isn’t It Romantic, shatters all stereotypes is an empowering film that promotes self love above all. The movie takes physical stereotypes and adds a witty, satirical commentary on cheese tokens like kissing in the rain, stopping weddings, and cliche first dates.


The movie opens up with a young Natalie watching the classic Pretty Women. Her mother comes in and explains to her that unconventionally pretty girls don’t get happy endings. Flash to twenty years later, Natalie begins to lecture to her coworker about the damages of Romantic Comedies. After a long day of running to get coffee and chatting with her best friend Josh, she leaves for home on the subway. Suddenly, Natalie is robbed and knocked out cold.


When she awakens, she suddenly realizes that she seems to be in an alternate universe with hot doctors and a non-smelly New York. Her shabby apartment becomes a luxurious penthouse and every stereotype becomes her life. Through a series of funny circumstances and almost every cliche ever, Natalie realizes the most important kind of love is self love.


The movie hit theaters on Valentines day to mostly smashing reviews. The star studded cast also received critical acclaim.


This movie will sure worm its way into the Rom Com classics and our hearts