A New Royalty

sleepy town of Castroville gets new awakening from Princess.


PC: Russell Graves

Left to right: Jesse Carrasco, Nick Ripps, Russell Graves, together they form the band Princess.

Derrick Moreno, Staff Writer

Princess is the name and it isn’t even close to being worn out. The artists behind the band are seniors Nick Ripps, Jesse Carrasco, and Russell Graves. This talented group of friends went from hanging out in a garage all the way to performing live at various venues. Looking more in depth at what kind of songs are born from this group, the band simply described it as;

“Emotion that gets delivered through our daily actions and conversations, if we’re having a great time and we say something, we can develop a song out of it.” Ripps said.

Princess was not officially an actual band until one day all the members found each other. Ripps and Graves met each other in middle school. Their love and passion for music soon brought their friendship closer.

They spent their free time hanging out and learning more about playing instruments and reaching their limits. Soon afterwards, along came their drummer, Jesse Carrasco.

Carrasco was brought in through Graves and also always felt a connection with music. Together, they worked hard and practiced every weekend; they were able to just  find their rhythm. After they worked out the kinks within their friendship, they were unstoppable.

The main goal of the band is to show they are not your average band.

“We’re not a basic, we’re our own thing.” Ripps said.

They bring a happy and positive environment to their audience but can quickly change their tone in an instant.

“Music is subjective; if you listen to a song and appreciate it, it can make you happy.”  Carrasco said.

Behind the scenes of Princess, you can catch a member roaming around the hallways. Maybe they can settle the bet between their fans if the name Princess is about the member’s dog or because, as Ripps says, “rock is feminized.”

Their next performance is February 22 at Imagine Books and Records in San Antonio.