Cookie Season

Girl Scouts start the selling of the infamous cookies.

Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

The time has come. The Girl Scouts are selling cookies again! You may have noticed a few girls selling them around school. Two in particular are sophomores Divinity Gunn and Grace Simonson.
“I have a cart that I take with me around school,” Gunn said. “Most people just ask me to buy some.”
As you may know, the Girl Scouts have a new cookie this year called Caramel Chocolate Chip. This cookie features a touch of sea salt, some semi-sweet chocolate chips, and rich caramel. It’s also gluten-free. Caramel and chocolate are a popular combination. A lot of candy companies use them together.
“I personally haven’t had the new cookie, but I’d love to try it.” junior Hannah DeLuna said.

For their efforts at trying to sell cookies, the girl scouts tend to take trips to various places. They also set personal goals for themselves.
“My goal is to sell 1,200 boxes of cookies by the end of the season,” Simonson said. “I’m selling cookies in hopes that it will help towards the girl scout’s trip to Europe in 2020. I think it will be cool to see the different cultures.”

The line-up of cookies for the 2019 selling season are as follows:
Thin Mints
Savannah Smiles
Toffee Tastic
Caramel Chocolate Chip

Girl scout cookies have been around since 1936. It’s been a delicious ride. You have until April to stock up on cookies until they start again next January! Boxes of cookies currently cost $4. Be sure to get yours before time runs out!