Cream of the Crop

Top 10% of the class of 2020


The cream of the crop.

Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 10, the top 10% of the class of 2020 was released from class to celebrate this great achievement together. These hardworking individuals were rewarded with a party and corn on the cob.

The top 10 percent goes above and beyond to take care of their work. They do their best to understand the things they do not understand. They study hard, and ask questions when confused.

“It makes me so happy,” junior Maximus Demus said. “I feel like I deserve this.”.

Their hard works pays off in colleges looking at these individuals, and wanting them to attend their school. They are guaranteed admission to any state college in Texas.

“I studied a lot and am always trying to improve,” junior Olivia Garza said.

Hard work certainly does pay off. You can expect big things from this excellent group of kids.