Cracking the Code

Cyberpatriots Competition


The Cyberpatriots teams working through images PC: Coach Schmidt

Serina Garcia, Staff Writer

On Friday, December 11, the Cyberpatriots competed at Medina Valley High School. Teams worked in a lab for six hours to solve the imperfections in a program. More than 1,000 teams compete nationwide.
Among the best things from cyber patriots are the “scholarships, [and] you can make a career out of it,” freshman Rose Vasquez said.
Competition usually begins with simple things like changing users. If the team comes across something that puzzles them they are allowed to use any resources available to figure it out.
“It is so much fun and is problem-solving oriented so if that is something you like you will probably enjoy this,” senior Kelcy Maine said. “[The best take away from cyber patriots is] working as a team, knowing how to give people different jobs, knowing how to work with not against people”.
The cyberpatriots are on the road to many more successful years of competition.