The Panthers Proving Power

The Panthers continue on their journey to be champions.


PC: Faythlin Warren

Senior Felipe Mendoza tracking the ball down with defenders surrounding him.

Erik I. Pena, Staff Writer

The Varsity Soccer team traveled 28 miles to Harlandale ISD to compete in a soccer tournament. The Panthers showed their strength by earning a win against Highlands with a score of 3-2. Jacob Castro, Jose Suarez, and Cade Thayer each had a goal against the Highlands team.

The second game of the tournament was against Southside. The Varsity team was unable to score a point against Southside. This lead to the Panthers taking a 2-0 loss.

The final game of the tournament was for third place. The Panthers faced off against Lanier. The Varsity team were kept from scoring and kept the other team from scoring in the first half. In the second half, the Panther’s defense fell and Lenair got up two points. The game ended with the same result like the one against Southside, a loss by 2-0.

Medina Valley traveled to Memorial on January 15 to finish up all of the non-district games. The Panthers were able to score twice against Memorial while also keeping Memorial from scoring any points. The scores came from junior Jacob Castro and Senior Cade Thayer. The defense played strong against Memorial.

“We accomplished the shut out through high pressure and not holding on to the ball for too long,” junior Austin Pinedo said.

The Medina Valley Panthers started off there season showing only a small portion of what they can do. They have played hard and have a lot of potential.  Make sure you support your Medina Valley Soccer players.