Christmas Break Spent Panther Style

What MV Panthers did over the break

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

Medina Valley students have returned, lively and refreshed, from one of the most anticipated breaks of the year. The two weeks given off for the holidays are known to be spent and savored in various ways.


With it being a significant break from responsibilities, such as grades and homework, students enjoyed being able to freely pursue their desires. It was a time of movies, games, food, and genuine fun. For many students, those few weeks were the epitome of free time.


“Over the break, I focused on hobbies I usually don’t do during school,” freshman Kira Smith said. “I practiced my yoga, played the piano, ukulele, and attempted to learn the guitar.”


The holidays, Christmas and New Year’s, also seemed to ultimately bring out a season of tradition. From the exchange of gifts and New Year’s BBQ to the things unique to every family, memories were made.


“Our Christmas tradition is making cookies and delivering them to firefighters on Christmas Eve,” teacher Anna Wheatley said. “My mom started it because she wanted to do something nice for the ones having to work on the holidays.”


With the break being as gloriously long as it was, some families took the opportunity to travel. Out of the city, state, or even the country, students went to visit families and vacationed to truly make the time remarkable.


“I went to Puerto Rico,” junior Gianmarcos Villafane said. “[My family and I] explored beaches, the governor’s house in San Juan, and visited family we hadn’t seen in a while.”


Regardless of how MV students spent their Christmas break, whether it was traveling the world or stuck fighting allergies at home, all were grateful for the opportunity to unwind.


It’s a new year and the start of another semester–good luck, Panthers!