Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Elton John does his final tour.


Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

Born to the name of Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Sir Elton Hercules John has decided it was time to take his farewell tour, which is a four leg tour. It started on September 8, 2018, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and will end on December 16, 2020, in London, England. He will be touring in 159 countries; 106 in North America and 53 in Europe.
On December 12, Sir Elton John came to San Antonio and performed at the AT&T Stadium. He started the show off with one of his biggest crowd pleasers, “Bennie and The Jets.” The tour has 24 set songs and several he picks as he goes. During his performance he left the stage a few different times to change his attire.
He started the encore off with, “Your Song”, and for his final song he chose the tour’s namesake, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”. During the final song, his piano started to move across the stage, and once on the opposite side, he proceeded to get onto a lift. From there he was lifted up the stage, and into an open door in the wall. He waved his audience goodbye, for this was the last time he would ever play in San Antonio.