The Vicious Lady Panthers

The lady Panthers won their first home game of the season 41-25.


PC: Svezia Graham

Kamryn Griggs attempts a jump shot to keep their team in the lead.

Derrick Moreno, Staff Writer

The girls Varsity basketball team had their first home game of the season, beating the Eagles of Eagle Pass. The team did a great job coming together to hold off the Eagles from scoring as much as possible. Junior Paityn Kinnett led the team during this game, finishing with 9 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 steals. Sophomore Makenzee Decock also had a good all-around game with 7 rebounds and 3 steals. Ileana Morales also finished the game with 9 total points.  

“It was a great win to have under our belt, especially at home, considering we’re undefeated in district,” freshman Ileana Morales said.

The JV team moved to 7-0 on the season as they defeated the Eagle Pass Eagles 58-20. Juniors Amaya Cosperandr Analeise Zapata, and sophomore Essence Cummings led the team in rebounds as they dominated them both offensively and defensively. Leading scorers for the game were freshman Madison Guerrero with 18, freshman Clara Arroyos with 15, and sophomore Corina Castenon with 9. “ It was a good experience and it definitely was one of our better games.”. Sophomore Corina Castenon said.

The freshman team also took on the Eagles from Eagle pass, earning a big win in their first home game of the season. Leading the team was Natalia Gatica with 10 points followed by Priscilla Lopez with 9, Hailey Franke with 8, and Angela Alonzo, Emily Hecker, and Kylie Mutz each had 6. “ The team did a great job and i am very proud of our success.” Angela Alonzo said.