Bring It On, Hunting Season!

Mr. Welch’s Wildlife class take hunter education


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MV Wildlife students smiling after passing their hunting course

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

In November, Medina Valley Wildlife students all completed the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Hunter Education course. According to TX Parks & Wildlife, students were taught firearm, hunting, and outdoor safety as well as hunting responsibilities and wildlife conservation.


“[This course is] providing opportunities for future generations of hunters,” course instructor Mr. Welch said.


The course lasted for six hours and ended with a 15-question test. If they passed, students were honored with a lifelong certificate allowing them to freely hunt in Texas and other states requiring hunter education.


“The course was full of knowledge,” senior Morgan Edens said. “I learned about basic safety, different breeds, and hunting season.”


By receiving their certificates, students are relieved to have taken care of the matter. They know they have been taught beneficial information that’ll lead to much safer hunting trips.


“I took this course because I want to go into wildlife in college,” senior Dallas Bull said. “I recommend the course to anyone because you’ll learn a lot.”


Congratulations to Medina Valley Wildlife students and happy hunting!