Fight at Floresville

Medina Valley girls basketball teams competed against the Floresville Jaguars.


PC: Chelsea Q

Sophomore Giovanna Ruiz shoots a three pointer during the Floresville game.

Gabriela McNelly, Staff Writer

On December 4, the Varsity girls basketball team traveled to Floresville to start their district play. After a slow start in the first half, the girls used their dominating defense to take over the game in the third quarter. This lead to the girls wins with the score being 37-25. Leading the team offensively was sophomore MaKenzee Decock with 9 points. Leading the team in rebounds was junior Kamryn Griggs. Then playing great defense was junior Paityn Kinnett who finished the game with 7 steals and 4 blocks. It was a great way for the girls to kick off the district game with all the team effort. After this game, the Lady Panthers record was 12-9 overall and 1-0 in district.

“ I was nervous going into the game but as a team, we fought hard to come out with the win in the end,” junior Paityn Kinnett said. “For our home game, we need to calm down, shoot more shots, and keep the good teamwork up.”

The JV girls competed in Floresville to open districts as well. They started off slow but by the second half regained the lead to win with a score of 45-26. Leading scorers were freshmen Clara Arroyos with 17 pointsand Madison Guerrero with 6 points and sophomores Audrey Guither and Corina Castenson with 5 points each.

“ Going into the game if felt confident in my team. Overall we did good as a team,” sophomore Audrey Guither said. “For the next game, we need to slow the pace to make less mistakes.”

The Freshman girls basketball team had a big win in Floresville with freshman Morgan Henrich with a buzzer beater to tie the game to go into overtime. The Panthers dominated the Jaguars to win overtime with a score of 48-38. Leading scorer was Madison Sotelo with 13 points and Morgan Henrich and Kylie Mutz with 8 points each.

“ I was nervous going into the game. When I got the ball to shoot the shoot I had a feeling I knew it would of gone in,” freshman Morgan Henrich said. “As a team, we did really well. “

All the girls basketball teams will host Southside in their first home game of districts on December 7.