UIL teams head out to Bandera to compete

Salexis Zertuche, Staff Writer

On December 1, Medina Valley traveled to compete at the Bandera High School.

“There is a little more preparation to be done but overall I think we did good, I’m proud, especially of the speech,” Dr. Keith Jones said.

Days of practicing and preparing finally came into play for some determined students. Their hard work was noticed by all who attended and ended up paying off in the end.

“It really helps me to think  more critically, and teaches me how sometimes it’s helpful not to have an opinion on certain things,” senior Amira Van Leeuwen said. “I think it’s a good outlet for students to show how different subjects can be beneficial to you.”

Our high school students gave their all in every category, making the whole trip something to remember.

Mr. Hurley proudly holds the second place trophy earned by the debate team. Pc Mackenzie Noakes



“Everyone is very welcoming to new people, which I think is important to those who want to try something new. Everyone is just really helpful and encouraging,” senior Serena Garcia said.

The results are as follows

Number sense 9th/10th – Lauren Hendrickson, 4th place

Number sense 11th/12th – Josh Hendrickson, 2nd place. Leroy Carrion, 5th

Calculator applications 9th/10th – 2nd place team

Computer applications – Arianna Suniga, 5th place

Ready Writing – Abbey Whitley, 3rd place. Aya Kasim, 5th

Math 11th/12th – Josh Hendrickson, 6th place

Computer science for beginners – Miraclyn Anderson, 4th place. Matthew Garza, 5th. Dominick Ralston, 6th

Computer science advanced division – Kelsey Maine, 2nd Computer science team, 2nd place

Literary Criticism – Abbey Whitley, 6th place

Feature Writing – Faithlyn Warren, 2nd place

Accounting – Christian Collins, 1st place

Poetry – Miranda May eld, 2nd place

Informative Speaking – Madison Rosati, 7th place. Elizabeth Gilmore, 8th

Persuasive speaking – Sara Beth Beasley, 1st place Lincoln-Douglas

Debate – Sata Beth Beasley, 2nd place

Cross-examination debate – team of Amira Van Leeuwen and Serina Garcia, 1st place

Top CX speaker – Serina Garcia


The team now looks to January when they will compete here at MVHS on the 12th.