MVP Week Six

Model Citizens At Every Corner


Week Six MVPs standing in front of MV Panther

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

“I greatly appreciate being chosen,” junior Casey McDonald said. “Thank you so much.”


More and more people are seeing MVPs all around. A sight greatly noticeable in the halls and slowly trickling into every classroom is the gradual ubiquity of MVP Model Citizenship shirts. With such a growing amount, it is clear to note the many different types of students awarded for a variety of good deeds.


The 11/26 – 11/30 are as followed:

Samantha Copeland (Freshman)

Moenay Aguilera (Sophomore)

Casey McDonald (Junior)

Jasmin Hernandez (Senior)


“I did not think I would get awarded,” senior Jasmin Hernandez said. “I am very proud people nominated me.”


Many honored MVP students have been known to be surprised by their nominations. Some do not even recall what past actions had lead to the recognition but just joyfully relish in the idea that they have done something good. This goes to show how even the littlest of things could impact and be acknowledged by others.

“Pay attention and respect your teachers,” sophomore Moenay Aguilera said. “It’s always good to be good.”


Despite the many differences found between MVPs, a common attribute seems to be shared by all: The desire to do what is right, thoroughly and well.  The conscientious ways these students go about their day is clearly evident in even the tiniest actions.


“The MVP award will make people want to be good and soon enough it will become second nature,” freshman Samantha Copeland said.


Help other students be recognized for the wonderful things they do by submitting a nomination through Dr. McHazlett’s weekly email.