Most Valuable Panthers!


Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer

The MVP award has taken Medina Valley High School by storm. Its recipients seem to truly be a testament of the Panthers great pride. Though bad attitudes are always present, positive ones seem to prevail.

“I hope other students follow in our footsteps and be friendly and kind,” freshman Lazaris Maldonado said. “I hope they help students in need.”

In hallways of stressed teens, the MVPs always remain kind even though they think no one is watching.


“I’m glad someone saw what I was doing and thought I should be recognized,”junior Sophia Arguelles said. “It’s a nice pat on the back.”


The MVP award has helped students practice empathy and grace.


“I think the MVP will inspire MVHS students to be kind and smile on a daily basis,” sophomore Abbie Green said. “ It will motivate them to be the best they can be each and every day.”