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MVHS Debate Competes at O’Connor High School


PC: MVHS Debate

MVHS Debate posing together in front of O’Connor High School

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

Focused and hopeful in all endeavors, Medina Valley debaters competed in their fifth competition on Saturday, November 17. Held at O’Connor High School, the event provided students the opportunity to compete against teams from 27 schools.


Categories competed in by Medina Valley debaters:

  • Public Forum
  • Student Congress
  • Dramatic Interpretation
  • Poetry
  • Domestic Extemporaneous speaking
  • Foreign Extemporaneous speaking


The long day of debates consisted of many wins and advancements for MV students.Triumphantly, senior Miranda Mayfield progressed to finals in poetry and  multiple debaters won two out of three cases.


“That weekend was tougher than most,” debate coach Dustin Hurley said. “To do as well as we did was pretty satisfying.”


Students prepared for the competition by attending daily before/after school practices, presenting speeches and debates in class, and constantly working to improve their cases. Overall, debates were judged on argumentation, structure, and delivery.


“I have just started debate,” freshman Colin McCauley said. “ So far, I’ve learned a lot about current topics, strategies, and how to argue effectively.”


Earlier that same week, a select few of Medina Valley debaters participated in the Regional Student Congress competition. In the end, junior Brianna Barclay was named first alternate to state after finishing fourth.


“I did not expect to do well because it was my first time doing Congress,” Barclay said. “I researched a lot and made sure I knew what I was doing.”


With many having a year’s worth of experience under their belts and two closely nearing state qualification, the debaters are expecting to have a very successfully season.


We wish great luck to MVHS Debate in their long journey to state.