Can’t Wait To Debate

The debate team heads down to Boerne to compete


The debate team dresses sharp for their competition.

Salexis Zertuche, Staff Writer

On November 10, a few of Medina Valley’s best headed down to Boerne for a day-long speech and debate competition. Multiple teams where present, with 20 students total. There are so many different speech and debate teams to be a part of: Prose, Poetry, Dramatic Interpretation, Public Forum, and Humorous Interpretation, to name a few.

From the event, Jose Rodriguez, 11, and Brianna Barclay,11, claimed the titles of quarter finalists for Public Forum. Along with them, Ryan McCauley, 12, and Sarah Beth Beasley made it to the semifinals for public forum.

“I joined debate to have fun, really,” sophomore Josh Rose said.“It’s like a big family. The secondary reason is I want to be a lawyer if I can’t be a pilot, so this is great practice.”

“The bus ride was my favorite part about the trip,” junior Trinity Duncan said. “Ryan and Sarah Beth never give up and always make us really proud.  The overall debate really has helped me with public speaking, especially living in such a secluded area like this.”

The debate team will continue to show other schools how driven and smart Medina Valley students really are throughout the rest of their competition season.