The Battle for District Champs.

The Medina Valley Panthers and the Tivy Antlers fought it out to see who would be crowned District Champs.


PC: Tim Rash

The Panthers doing all they can to drive up the field and gain the lead.

Derrick Moreno, Staff Writer

Both Freshmen football teams traveled to Kerrville Thursday, November 8, 2018, to play their last game of the year. The orange team lost 36-0 and the black team lost 21-7. The Freshmen fought long and hard play to play in all four quarters, and the coaches are very proud of the team for all their hard work. The coaches look forward to seeing what becomes of these young men in the next few years.

Kerrville Tivy traveled here to Panther Nation to get their antlers busted by the JV Panthers on Thursday, November 8, 2018. Offensively, the offensive line played a solid game, allowing the offense to produce 6 touchdowns on the night. Christian Flores had 2 touchdown receptions coming on a 55-yard reception from Tanner Haby, and a 10-yard reception from Chris Child. Alex Rivas had a 30 yard touchdown run and a 3-yard touchdown run. Carlick Ware added another two touchdowns scoring on a 5-yard run and a 55-yard run. Defensively, the Panthers put together a strong performance causing 4 “3 and outs”. The defensive line did a great job of pressuring the Antlers offensive backs. The defense also added to our takeaway total with an interception by Tyler Mangum and another interception which was caused by Eric Kleso and Logan Gill. The JV finished the game with a victory of 37-14, a district record of 6-1, and overall record 7-3.” I feel sad that the season is over for us, but this game I would have to say was the best. I did very well and so did my team, I’m hoping varsity wins against the Grizzlies so we can have another week of practice.” Junior Gustav Nikolaisen said.

The Varsity Panthers traveled up to Kerrville to take on the Tivy Antlers during their homecoming game. With the team warmed up and the cold field, the game was on its way to settle who would be district champs. The game started off with a Tivy touchdown quickly followed by a Panther touchdown by James Gipson. The first half of the game quickly picked up the pattern and left for halftime at a tie. However, once the Panthers came back out, they quickly took the lead. With Tivy on their heels, the competition got more intense with penalties called on both teams and small mistakes being made. Unfortunately, the Antlers got a hold of the ball and took the lead once more. The Panthers did their very best to catch up but the Antlers were too powerful and with too little time, the Panthers were not able to gain the lead again. The game ended in a loss for the team 28-21. “ I felt pretty bad about the way we played, but we tried our very hardest. Although we could have tried harder, I’m looking forward to our next game against the Grizzlies.” Senior Alek Child said.

The Panthers will be traveling to Leander Texas on Friday, November 16, 2018, to square off with the Glenn Grizzlies for their first playoff game.