MVP Week Four

Strength in Numbers


PC: Tanner Lange

Week four MVPs standing in front of MV panther

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

Medina Valley’s strength is from its unity. It is the hard work and support of its faculty and students that MVHS is greatly known for. And, with its numbers growing immensely, it is hard not to notice all the good being done around campus.


The 11/12 – 11/16 MVPs are as follows:


Justin Touchstone (senior)

Olivia Garza (junior)

Salexis Zertuche (sophomore)

Pilar Zinsmeyer (freshman)


“I am honored to be chosen out of the many people at here,” freshman Pilar Zinsmeyer said.


Determined and eager, these students come to school. With great ambitions and goals for themselves and the community, they look towards the future yet live for today.


“Choose kindness. Be nice to everybody because you never know what they are going through,” sophomore Salexis Zertuche said.


With voracious energy and passion, these MVPs leave their mark on Medina Valley. Active and present in the lives of others, they help in whatever way they can.


“Always try to empower others and make them feel good about themselves,” junior Olivia Garza said.


Through our understanding of each other, we become a greater team. With an idea and common goal, the prosperity and success of Medina Valley, we come together and thrive.


“Look out for others,” senior Justin Touchstone said, “Everyone is just looking to be educated.”


As we quickly spread the idea of Model Citizenship, we become a school of model citizens. MVPs in every hall and every classroom.


“I think the fact that students are being noticed and rewarded will encourage others to follow in their footsteps,” Zertuche said.