A Meet For Champions

The November 3 2018 Fall UIL meet hosted at Medina Valley High School.

Erik I. Pena, Staff Writer

On November 3 of 2018, Medina Valley hosted a UIL Academics meet. Medina Valley students placed high in all categories of the competition. Out all of the 18 schools, Medina Valley held the second best performance in academics. The Panthers had an outstanding performance.

In number sense for juniors and seniors, senior Joshua Hendrickson received first place while senior Leroy Carrion received third place for his efforts. The number sense team as a whole got second place out of the eighteen schools. In Mathematics for seniors and Juniors, Hendrickson placed fourth. Senior Christian Collins was first place in Accounting.

For UIL Ready Writing, senior Abbey Whitley placed fourth and sophomore Hannah Dowell placed sixth place.

“I thought I did really bad, I thought I did terrible,” said Whitley but her results show otherwise.

The Spelling team as a whole placed second. For Feature Writing freshman Giorgette Ruiz placed fourth. Amaris Arroyo placed sixth place for her hard work in Editorial Writing. The Literary Criticism team placed first. Whitley placed first out of everyone and Nate Brown placed second. Sophomore Tyler Mangum placed second for Social Studies.

Senior Eileen Zinsmeister came in first for computer applications. Freshman Chloe Strangmeier came in sixth for her science freshman and sophomores. Senior Alexa Coldeway came in fourth place for the upperclassmen science. The Novice Division for computer science junior Kendra Smith placed sixth and the Veteran Division placed senior Kelsey Maine in fourth place. The Medina Valley Science team finished third place out of the eighteen schools.

Tremendous work was applied by all of the Panther UIL students. Medina Valley High School was ranked high all around. The next UIL meet will take place December first at Bandera High School. Make sure to congratulate all of the competitors for their hard work and dedication.