MVP Week Three

Four more MVPs picked!


PC: Dr. McHazett

Week three MVPs standing in front of MV panther

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

“MVP sets the stage for more positive influences to be recognized and promoted,” senior Megan Barton said.


As weeks quickly go by, the Model Citizenship award continues to bring to light the best of MVHS. With the third group already chosen, our MVP family begins to grow considerably.


The 11/5 – 11/9 MVPs are as followed:

  • Megan Barton (Senior)
  • Elizabeth Gilmore (Junior)   
  • Essence Cummings (Sophomore)  
  • Jackson Bitters (Freshman)


“It makes me happy to know I’ve made other people happy,” sophomore Essence Cummings said.


These students are ones that have inspired others to spread the word of kindness and goodwill. They are MV Panthers that truly lead by example.


“[The MVP award] will impact things out of Medina Valley,” junior Elizabeth Gilmore said, “We will not just be seen for our good academics and sports but also for our model citizenship.”


With endless weeks to come, MVHS will continue to award the many students that give their peers and teachers something to recognize and honor.


“Don’t judge people for their interests,”  freshman Jackson Bitters said, “support someone if what they are doing is their dream.”