MVP Week Two

The second group of MVPs are awarded


PC: Dr. McHazlett

Week two MVPs standing in front of MV panther

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

As the Model Citizenship award truly begins to take its place at Medina Valley High School, we welcome in our second batch of MVPs.


The 10/29 – 11/2 MVPs are as followed:


  • Tyler Pinedo (freshman)
  • Gracelyn Snider (Sophomore)
  • Susanna Livingston (Junior)
  • Timothy House (Senior)


“I’m really excited because I didn’t know people were noticing all the small deeds I was doing,” sophomore Gracelyn Snider said.


This group of students, like all others, are honored for their powerful characters and contributions to the Medina Valley spirit. These MVPs were awarded for the things they’ve done out of courage, respect, and kindness.


“I think this award will help people step up and be the Model Citizens they strive to be,” junior Susanna Livingston said.


The MVP award is beginning to have a great impact on Medina Valley and its students. Talk of the award and its winners have spread across the campus rapidly over the last two weeks.


“[The MVP award] motivates people to be better versions of themselves,” freshman Tyler Pinedo said.


Every situation that reveals a model citizen to our campus is unique, as are the students.


“Whatever you do in life, don’t give up,” senior Timothy House said, “You’ll get there. Keep trying your hardest.”