Bye, Bye Marching Season

MVHS band says a somber farewell to a crazy season


PC: Faythlin Warren

MVHS Band playing at the Waco La Vega

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

As the month of November begins and the end of the second six weeks comes near, the Medina Valley Band finds itself saying goodbye to yet another marching season. MV Band members look back on this hectic time.

“This season was a rollercoaster,” senior Zayah Houf said. “I accepted what was going on but always strived to make it better.”




PC: Faythlin Warren










Practices for the band started at the beginning of August. They continued nearly every day after school throughout the months that followed as the band learned complex music, drills, and shows.

“When I felt like giving up, my section leader always raised my hopes up,” freshman Adriana Quintanilla said.


Since the first week of school, the band has traveled to every football game to support and play for our teams and fans. Unfortunately, the excessive amounts of rain we’ve had this year had made performing at some of these games close to impossible.


As well as games, the marching band had also participated in several competitions in October. Their scores varied throughout the season but it was evident that as the season progressed the band was greatly improving.


“This season taught me patience and technique stuff so [that] I can be a better person and musician,” junior Kendra Smith said.


Despite the challenges the marching band has faced, members have been witnessed to recall many memorable moments from the season.


“One rehearsal, everything went well and I remember Mr. Galvez saying, ‘That’s the Medina Valley band,’” sophomore Natalie Hickman said. “It was such a great moment.”



PC: Faythlin Warren










Despite missing the times they spent together, band members are highly anticipating the beginning of their concert season.


“I get to play with my concert instrument in sub of my marching one,” sophomore Carolyn Chao said, “My tone, posture, and sound will improve tremendously!”


With the many obstacles they’ve overcome and disasters they’ve survived, the Medina Valley Marching band has formed a stronger bond than ever. The lessons they have learned this season are the ones they will carry with them all year.


“It put me in [a] leadership position that allowed me to experience how to  handle certain situations,” Zayah Houf said, “I couldn’t have gotten that anywhere else.”


PC: Amira Vanleeuwen