MVHS honors its first MVPs


PC: Dr. McHazlett

MVHS’s first MVPs posing in front of the panther

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

Panther Pride, integrity, and benevolence are all things found in abundance at Medina Valley High School. These are the characteristics that drive MV’s Culture of Excellence and the reasons why principal Dr. McHazlett decided to create the very first MVP Model Citizenship award.


“The Medina Valley vision is in three parts: academic excellence, extracurriculars, and Model Citizenship,” McHazlett said, “we have always been looking for intrinsic motivation and ways to recognize Model Citizenship.”


The MVPs for the week of 10/22 – 10/23 are as followed:


Freshman: Aya Kasim

Sophomore: Sarah Beth Beasley

Junior: Kylee Hall

Senior: Jensen Griffin


“It is really cool because this time last year I was eating lunch by myself,[and] feeling alone,” Hall said. “Now people are nominating me as Model Citizen.”


MVP winners can be nominated by faculty or peers through the weekly email sent out by Dr. McHazlett. The email asks everyone to nominate a student from each class that has met at least one of the following criteria:


  • Participates in school and/or community service
  • Shows a positive attitude towards classmates, school, and the community
  • Displays an understanding and appreciating of civic responsibility
  • Possesses strength of character and the courage to do what is right
  • Promotes citizenship with their school or community through other activities


Honored students are mainly chosen according to the reasons they were nominated. They are given MVP pins, shirts, and write-ups to be used for resumes and applications.


“It is important to be nice to everyone you meet,” Beasley said. “Always put your best foot forward.”


The MVP award is expected to be given to four students from each class every week this year. It is to honor the Panthers that have been embodying the MV legacy through all actions and words.


“I think [MVP] will give us more to live up to,” Griffin said, “It will make us better than we already are.”

Congratulations to the first awarded MVPs and the many more to come.