The Panthers stay positive despite their surroundings.


Melanie Love Salazar, Staff Writer


The Freshmen started slightly slow against Somerset last night but quickly picked it up and ended up winning in two sets! The first set was 25-11 and the second set was 25-8. As a team, they had 14 aces total which definitely helped lead them to victory!

“I was definitely feeling confident about the game beforehand. Our team had been practicing a ton which usually makes it an easy win. Overall, it was a really fun game where we only had to be sure to communicate with one another.” freshman Hannah Huron said.  

The girls have their last home game Friday at 6:00 and the more support the better so if possible, please come out and support!

The JV Panthers pulled out a big win over the Somerset Bulldogs. The Panthers came out strong in the first set, beating them easily with a score of 25-15. The second set was a loss for the girls but that did not keep them from being more determined than ever to win in the 3rd set 25-22.

“ I was looking forward to the game because they’re usually an easy team to win against. I tried to focus on keeping my energy up throughout the game even if it got rough,” freshman Kylie Marty said.

Highlights of the night were freshman Madison Haby with 5 aces, sophomore Catarina Cochran with 4 aces, and sophomore Essence Cummings with 7 kills.

The Varsity Volleyball team went to Somerset with a purpose! They defeated the Somerset Bulldogs in 3 sets and never once let up, despite the rough environment.

“We were confident going into the game and throughout. We mainly just tried to keep our energy positive despite what was going on around us. Instead of focusing on our mistakes, we focused on fixing them,” junior Hailey Mitchell said.

The girls did an amazing job keeping their composure and showing how a Medina Valley Panther should act…with dignity and poise. Furthermore, beating Somerset clenched a playoff spot for the Varsity Volleyball team!!!!


Stats for the night include:


Aces: Christine Tschirhart (12) – 2

Kills: Kamryn Griggs (11) -12

Digs: Christine Tschirhart (12) -14

Assists: Kamryn Griggs (11) -16

Blocks: Kyla Solis (11) -4