A Star Is Born

The movie moving millions.


Ally (Gaga) and Jackson (Cooper) perform together

Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer

In the past one hundred years or so, there has been one thing many people are curious about: fame. Though many have tried to represent this mysterious and captivating theme, none have come close to portraying it as well as A Star Is Born. In a timeless tale of success and failure, A Star is Born has been remade four times, most recently in 2018 directed by Bradley Cooper.


The story shows the good and bad of the music industry, touching on subjects such as alcoholism. The movie starts with a serendipitous meeting between a nightclub singer, Ally (played by Lady Gaga), and a jaded rock star, Jackson Maine (played by Bradley Cooper). Sharing a love of music and similar outlooks on life, the two seem to automatically click. When Ally shares her music with the world, her career skyrockets while Jackson’s dwindles and dies. The relationship becomes plagued by both internal and external threats which test the bonds of their relationship. The movie is a perfect mix of lighthearted humor and raw, touching emotion. With cameos from Broadway veterans and fluffy friends, the movies leave you with a warm feeling and an appreciation of all you have.


The movie keeps a steady pace with songs evenly spread throughout. The jokes and pop culture references that make the movie feel modern and relevant. The movie has been received very well by audiences, with many praising pop icon Lady Gaga. In her first feature film, Gaga proves she has what it takes to carry such an impactful movie. This was also another debut for Bradley Cooper. Cooper is known for his acting but now he has another credit to his name: director. Cooper’s direction leaves you feeling artistically and emotionally full. Critics have been raving, saying “ [Cooper’s] movie has everything: a swept-off-your-feet romantic fantasy, an underdog-makes-good journey, a wrenching substance abuse drama, and an industry cautionary tale combined”. The Rotten Tomatoes score is a whopping 90%.


You won’t want to miss this thrilling film. See it in theaters near you!