Clubs of MVHS Pt.5

Some more clubs here on campus.

Clubs of MVHS Pt.5

Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

Welcome back for this week’s addition to The Clubs of MVHS. Here are a few more clubs that are here on campus.

Student Council: Students elect class officers through student council.
Student Council members organize various events such as red ribbon week, homecoming, the back to school mixer, fish camp, and the annual dodgeball tournament. There are approximately 50 members in the Student Council.
Project 7: Project 7 is a Bible study group. It a smaller club of about 10 regular members.
“The students goal is to share their faith and to welcome anyone wishing to join,” Mrs. Perry said.
Business Professionals of America: There are about 50 members in Business Professionals of America (BPA).
“Students seek a sense of professionalism, and just because they’re in this club doesn’t mean they’ll go on to be business people,” Mrs. Kohlleppel said.
Students participate in various activities such as speaking events, computer events, and more. They can compete as a team or as individuals. There are more than 60 different events that members can participate in.
LGBTQ+: The LGBTQ+ club is the newest addition to the clubs here on campus. It was founded for the purpose of creating a safe environment for people to come out in. The LGBTQ+ club has around 50 members.
“It was created for a place to have people collaborate and form alliances,” Mrs. Wells said.

Thanks for checking in on this week’s edition of The Clubs of MVHS.