Sink or Swim

The Panthers swim team got their fur wet during their swim meet at Palo Alto Friday October 5.


PC: Coach Schmidt

As the aquatic races intensify, the swimmers give it their all to finish.

Derrick Moreno, Staff Writer

The Medina Valley swim team is on its way to being a high performance program. With rigorous training from their coaches and valuable practices,. Our Panthers have proven they have what it takes to be honorable participants.

The first ever meet was held at Palo Alto on October 5. The JV and Varsity teams participated in 10 events.

In the Women’s Butterfly event, out of the 121 participants, Sofia Ontiveros (12) placed 79th and,  Victoria Parkhurst (10) placed 110th. While in the Men’s Butterfly contest, of the 116 participants, Jett Winkler (9) placed 17th and Laz Maldonado (9) placed 101st. For the Women’s Backstroke With 142 competitors, Camryn Haynes Aelvoet (11) placed 36th and Isabelle Parkhurst (9) placed 97th. The Men’s Backstroke Out of 135 competitors, Jett Winkler (9) placed 24th and Nick Carrillo (11) placed 78th.  In the Women’s Breaststroke Out of 122, Kaitlyn Davis (11) placed 45th and Hannah DeLuna (11) placed 88th. The Men’s Breaststroke ledJett Winkler (9)placed 57th and Seth Stuart (11) placed 68th.Women’s Freestyle Camryn Haynes Aelvoet (11)placed 33rd out of 152, and Sofia Ontiveros (12) placed 64th. Men’s Freestyle Ryan Rossell (12) placed 86th and Ben Braymiller (11) placed 88th out of 146 swimmers. Women’s Individual Medley led Sofia Ontiveros (12)to place 62nd and Camryn Haynes Aelvoet (11) placed 64th out of 116.Men’s Individual Medley Jett Winkler (9) placed 29th and Laz Maldonado (9) placed 93rd out of 103.Overall the Panthers did a very great job with their performance at the swim meet they participated in. The athletes will continue to practice to keep improving even when they are already on the top.

“I felt like I did pretty good and so did my team,” said freshman Jett Winkler. “We stayed together as a family and we have gotten better with practice. I feel prepared for the next meet.”

As the year progresses, so will the swimmers and our rankings. Panther Nation is proud of all of the aquatic athletes and is looking forward to see what they become.  

The next meet is friday October 12, 2018 at 5:15 at the Palo Alto Aquatic Center.