MVHS Dress Up Week


Justice Love, MVHS Dress Up Week

 From October 15 through October 19, 2018, Medina Valley will be participating in homecoming dress up days. Monday is Decade Day, Tuesday is Twin Day, Wednesday is Pink-Out Day, Thursday is Disney Day, and Friday is Spirit Day

.“The reason we wanted to do Pink-Out this year [is] because many family members have been affected with breast cancer, so we wanted to show that we care for the ones that had been diagnosed with it,” sophomore Macy Livingston said.

Medina Valley has had Twin Day and Decade Day in the past, and some students and teachers think that we should take a break, because we do it every year, and some students and teachers think we should keep doing it because it is fun to dress up in different decades and be twins with our friends.

”Many people voted for it and many wanted it to come back,” sophomore Essence Cummings said.

“[It’s the] most popular and everyone thinks it is the easiest to dress up for because you can pick any decade,” sophomore Sara Beth Beasley said.

Friday, October 26, 2018, our Homecoming King and Queen, Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess, and Lord and Lady will be presented at the football game, and all votes are final except for Seniors. The seniors will find out who won at the football game, so seniors, hurry up and vote for your Homecoming King and Queen!