Meet the Teacher

New year, new teacher


Mr. Lagleader poses in Grand Central Station. PC: Salexis Zertuche

Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer


Medina Valley is amongst the fastest growing Texas schools with many new students each year. To accommodate our ever-growing Panther family, we have welcomed over ten new teachers. Among them is Mr. Lagleader, the new teacher running Grand Central Station, a place dedicated to help students test whether it is retakes or comprehension assistance.


Mr. Lagleader attended University of Texas at San Antonio and majored in anthropology, the study of human cultures and development. He said “being a teacher was something [he] just envisioned at 19”. His house was full of textbooks due to his father’s job, so he was always surrounded by knowledge.His teachers, both in grade school and college, inspired him. He has been in education for the past twenty-one years. After only six weeks, we can already tell that Mr. Lagleader is a very valued addition to Medina Valley.


He would like to share this quote:  “You can’t push a wave more quickly than the ocean will give it up.”