The Mind of Jake Paul

Shane Dawson investigates the world’s most infamous Youtuber


PC: Andrew Siwicki

Mackenzie Noakes, Staff Writer


Shane Dawson has been full of surprises lately. In the past year or so, Dawson has been turning his content from drab to fab. He has been creating deeper, more meaningful content which, as of late, has been focused on fellow Youtubers and controversies that surround them. His docu-style series has followed Tana Mongeau and her disastrous downfall and Jeffree Star and his beauty empire. The series has spanned three to five 40 minuteepisodes for each topic. The editing and camera work have been compared to fully funded documentaries.


However, Dawson surprised everyone when he announced that his next project would follow social media influencer and ex-Disney star, Jake Paul. Paul came to fame on Youtube with his brother Logan. The videos were often pranks and stunts that highlighted the competitive nature of the Paul family. Soon after his initial fame, Jake set out for LA and decided to create his own ‘squad’, Team 10).


The rise to fame of the team brought them major success. With over 6 million subscribers on Youtube, Team 10 started to get a negative connotation. The bullying and hazing between the ‘friends’ caused scrutiny from the public and other influencers. Jake and Logan Paul became household names and not in a good way. Jake became known for abuse allegations, fake relationships, creating fires and the physical endangerment of his friends.


Dawson said the series would follow personality disorders on Youtube but then decided to narrow the topic down to just Jake. He received public backlash from Twitter. People were concerned that Shane would give Jake Paul an undeserved redemption ark. Shane quickly shut theses worries down saying, “the fall of Jake Paul and the darkness of his world is something I’m fascinated by.”


He says he wants to learn more about the psychology of Youtubers, seeing as they are constantly putting themselves on platforms to be scrutinized.  The term ‘psychopath’ has been thrown a lot over the course of the series unsettling a lot of viewers. The term is not only outdated in the medical world, but it is also a term that should not be loosely thrown around by unlicensed vloggers.  The media has been anxiously awaiting Jake’s response and when he broke the silence, he said he knows who he is and trusts Dawson.


Through interviewing many people like Jake’s ex friends and a licensed psychotherapist, Dawson hoped that he would finally understand the mind of Jake Paul. With five of the eight installments completed, we are slowly piecing together the answers. Check out Dawson’s series on Youtube and see what you believe.