Panthers Take Down Titans

District matches with Uvalde and Southwest Legacy


Senior Dorian Keller and junior Jose Rodriguez during a doubles match PC:Nicole Luna

Serina Garcia, Staff Writer

Medina Valley went to the Coyote courts for a district match  Monday, September 28. The tournament was originally scheduled for the weekend, but unfortunately it got rained out. The Panthers ended the day with the score of 4-15 Uvalde. The Panthers had another home tournament on Thursday with Southwest Legacy. The score at the end of that tournament was 19-0.

“We plan to beat them next time,” junior Max Leal said about his doubles match with partner junior Maverick Luensmann at Uvalde. The team played with great effort and ended their match 3-6, 1-6. Boys Varsity had few wins but played well, as always. The Panther’s opponents did not have as much luck on Thursday. Nickolye Essary, 11, won his singles match 6-1, 6-2. All the boys had equal success against the Legacy Titans.

Essary plans to “play hard, get ready, and have proper warm-ups,” to help prepare physically and mentally for the district tournament.

The girls team won most of their matches, including  Allie Tschirhart,11, Sara Beth Beasley,10, Hannah Tschirhart,11, Audrey Bell,12, and Devin de la Fuente,12.

“I played better than most days,” senior Sara Hecker said.

The Southwest Legacy tournament had similar success with wins from all the girls on the team.

The Panthers have a tournament Saturday, September 29 against Winn in Eagle Pass.